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Extras are thing we see as we go that could make your project even better than we originally thought. But this is all up to you and what you are looking for in your project. It can be something as small as changing a door or as big as re-doing you roof but all changes are agreed to in advance with the cost laid out so there are no surprises.

Juliet balcony:

Put simply, a Juliet balcony is a very narrow balcony or railing which sits just outside a window or pair of French doors on the upper storey of a building. Also referred to as balconets or balconetes, they’re designed to give the appearance of a full balcony in locations where it may not be possible or suitable to install a larger feature.

As their name suggests, Juliet balconies are a common architectural feature in Mediterranean countries such as Italy and Spain. They come in a wide range of designs, from decorative Victorian style railings and infill panels to simpler, minimalist designs.

Average cost (£1200-£1600)

Floor to ceiling windows:

 A floor to ceiling windows is a great way to get the extra light into the loft. They come in a wide range of designs UPVC or Aluminium.

Average cost (£1000-£1900)


 Velux windows:

We offer a standard Velux windows (MK06) in most of the jobs but we can always upgrade to a     top-hung, a bigger window, Soler powered or even the amazing Velux cabrio balcony. They can completely change the look and feel of your home.

Average cost (£100-£2500)


Whether its just adding an extra plug socket or upgrading to chrome. We offer a wide range of

add-ons. We have even fitted an electric toilet before.

Average cost (£20-£350)  


There are many ways to upgrade the plumbing whether it’s a wet-room your after or just adding a his and her basin we can do it all.

Average cost (£20-£350)

Tilling options:

Upgrading the tilling is always an option whether its just changing the colour or going for slat this can always be done. You can also look at changing to timber cladding or render.

Average cost (£1000-£4000)

Full Re-Roof:

This is always a good time to do a full re-roof as we will already have the scaffold up and the roofer already on site it will reduces the cost in the long run. This a new dormer and front roof it will look like a hole new home. With the peace of mind that your roof will last for many more years.

Average cost (£3000-£5000)

 All cost are agreed on before any changes.